This website is being updated but access to the map still available. I should be finished on 26/03/2020 Firstaiders and Business Portals may not be visible whilst this update is happening. I thank you for your patience - website owner

Defib SOS helps communities (currently East Anglia ONLY) to find their nearest difibrilator. This service is free of charge and instructions will be given on how to access them. If you are a business with a defibrilator or firstaider you can register and let us know about your presence. When signing up you will be asked to provide basic verification to avoid abuse of the service.

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COVID-19 If you are a registered first aider on the site. Please make sure you let us know if you are unwell so that we can temporarily remove you from the map. This website, especially in times of energency is designed to provide a higher survival chance for patients by enabling the community to find a defibrilator whilst the wonderful NHS staff and ambulance service try to get to the patient as soon as they possibly can. Please only help if you are fit and well.